Locations for events

Where can you find facilities for an event?

Many different factors influence the choice of event location, such as the season, time, target groups, place, schedule, costs and the need for infrastructure.

Parks, squares, beaches, streets, halls, buildings, arenas and various kinds of event facilities can be used for organising events. It is often easier to organise the event indoors, because the location may already have the necessary facilities available.

The organiser of a public event must acquire the consent of the owner or possessor of the event location for the event and prepare for the costs due to using the location.

The area may be owned by the state, the city, a private individual, a community, or a private organisation, for example. Permission to use private areas, such as shopping centres, is granted by the owner or possessor of the area.

Land owned by the City of Espoo can be found using the City of Espoo map service at kartat.espoo.fi(external link). In the top left corner navigation menu, choose “Select what information is shown on the map” > “Maps” > “Land ownership of the City”.

Questions about the areas, locations and the right to use them concerning the areas and spaces managed by the City of Espoo can be directed to the branch in question in accordance with the information below.