Environmental impact of events

How to organize an event while ensuring that the environmental impact is as low as possible?

A good event organizer also takes care of other possible ways to reduce the environmental load of the event. An event that has been organized in accordance with the principles of sustainable development offers a clean environment for the public and the city residents, and increases environmental awareness and a positive attitude towards the environment.

Espoo is committed to promoting sustainable development and increasing the city residents’ opportunities to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Espoo was the first city to join the Finnish Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development in 2015. As a Fairtrade City, it makes fair and ethical choices in its procurement and encourages others to do so.

Below, you can find more information on all the things that the organizer of a major event must take into account in implementing the event. In addition, the environment guide (in Finnish) has tips on what issues should be taken into account in order to plan and organize an ecologically, socially, culturally and financially sustainable event.