Learn in the museum

KAMU Espoo City Museum’s learning services offer a multi-sensory and cross-disciplinary peek at the lives of the people of the past. The museum units around Espoo offer learners of different ages something to watch, experience and touch. The museum has also produced interesting digital content tailored to schools.

KAMU invites day-care, family day-care and student groups to visit the museum!

Supporting the teaching at schools, visits can easily be combined with various subjects. The Espoo City Museum family includes
KAMU at Exhibition Centre WeeGee
Glims Farmstead Museum
Pentala Archipelago Museum
Villa Museum Villa Rulludd
Lagstad School Museum 

Explore city museum tours for schools on museum websites or in the Learn in Museum brochure and select one or more visits per year for your group. KAMU Espoo City Museum’s services for schools are free for all early childhood education units, comprehensive schools and groups of upper secondary school students. Teachers can explore exhibitions for free in order to prepare for the museum visit of their class by showing their OAJ card. 

You should prepare a visit to the museum in advance with the group and share background information about the exhibition – why we are going to the museum and what we will see there. During the museum visit, it is important for the teacher to keep the group together.

Learning materials online

Explore historical sites with the help of KAMU’s mobile guides in the classroom or independently at the site. The mobile guides provide information about the Pentala Archipelago Museum, Villa Museum Villa Rulludd, Träskända Manor Park and the district of Tapiola as well as a guide for the sites related to the 1918 Civil War in Leppävaara. You can explore selected items of the City Museum’s collections through the Finna.fi search service. Or are you looking for materials for group work on lessons? Or how to teach children to find information safely? The Finna classroom service brings together material packages customised for the curricula of comprehensive school and upper secondary school, which can be used in teaching, for example, history, social studies, Finnish, literature and art. 
Browse KAMU’s educational materials.

Remote lessons

Kivikauden tunnelmaan tai arkkitehtuurin perusteisiin on nyt mahdollista uppoutua myös koululuokassa! Toiminnallisella etäoppitunnilla perehdytään tuhansia vuosia sitten eläneiden ihmisten elämään tai tutkitaan omaa asuinaluetta ja arkkitehtuurin yksityiskohtia. 

Borrow history for your class

With the City Museum’s historical material packages, you can get to know the past in a tangible way in a classroom or day-care centre. The packages can be borrowed from KAMU during museum opening hours. Explore the material packages on KAMU’s website. 

Culture and sports path KULPS 

KAMU Espoo City Museum’s services for schools are part of the KULPS culture and sports path. It is Espoo’s culture and physical education plan, which offers free cultural and sports visits for pre-schoolers and comprehensive school pupils as part of tuition in accordance with the curriculum. 
All school services of the Espoo City Museum are As Much as You Like services, with the exception of the Pentala Archipelago Museum’s excursion day package, which is a Once a School Year service for grades 4–6. Explore city museum tours for schools on museum websites or in the Learn in Museum brochure.
Read more about KULPS Culture and sports paths(external link)

Culture Call – Kulttuurikurkkaus

Espoo children’s cultural service Culture Call (Kulttuurikurkkaus) brings art and culture to day-care centres. In Culture Call, professional cultural actors visit day-care centres to perform and organise workshops. Furthermore, Culture Call for educators involves cultural actors who instruct early childhood education personnel on how to apply techniques of culture to working with children. 
Culture Call at the City Museum consists of an hour-long Culture Call for educators aimed at day-care centre staff and a multisensory Ruoka-aika (Mealtime) material package that can be lent to the day care centre. The theme of the package is food, the familiar everyday matter, in the past and today and in every culture! 
Read more about Culture Call(external link)

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