KAMU Espoo City MuseumKAMU Espoo City Museum

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KAMU Espoo City Museum records the past and present of Espoo together with residents of the city. The museum records, among other things, the stages of Espoo’s industry and urbanisation. The phenomena of modern life are also documented. 
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Educational services

KAMU Espoo City Museum’s learning services offer a multi-sensory and cross-disciplinary peek at the lives of the people of the past. KAMU Espoo City Museum’s services for schools are free for all early childhood education units, comprehensive schools and groups of upper secondary school students. The museum has also produced interesting digital content tailored to schools. 

Cultural heritage

The museum’s tasks include exploring, valuing and taking care of the cultural environment. The cultural environment is an entity composed of built environments, archaeological sites and heritage landscapes. KAMU Espoo City Museum carries out expert tasks related to the cultural environment and building heritage in Espoo according to the agreement concluded with the Central Uusimaa Regional Museum.