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Cultural environment

The cultural environment is an entity composed of built environments, archaeological sites and heritage landscapes. A valuable cultural environment shows the different stages of culture, the eras and the interaction between humans and nature. A well-managed cultural environment increases people’s well-being, creates distinctiveness for the area and increases the attractiveness and appeal of the area.

Espoo cultural environment programme ESKO

Espoo’s cultural environment programme is planned as a collaboration between different sectors of the city. The project is led by KAMU Espoo City Museum and involves Environment and Technical Services and Education and Cultural Services. The aim is to include perspectives of residents and other users of the area as part of the programme.
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The museum’s tasks include exploring, valuing and taking care of the cultural environment

KAMU Espoo City Museum provides information on the cultural history of buildings and building protection and renovation advice related to protected buildings. The museum also provides guidance on grants for the renovation of valuable buildings and monitors their use. KAMU’s archaeologists help authorities and city residents with archaeological issues.

KAMU Espoo City Museum carries out expert tasks related to the cultural environment and building heritage in Espoo according to the agreement concluded with the Central Uusimaa Regional Museum (Central Uusimaa Regional Museum(extrernal link)). The City Museum provides information on cultural environments and participates as an expert in urban planning and building permit work. The Finnish Heritage Agency, for its part, is responsible for the preservation of state and university buildings and legally protected buildings.

Contact preferably by e-mail: kulttuuriymparisto@espoo.fi

Tryggve Gestrin
Tel. +358 50 566 6105
Cultural environment and ancient monuments, archaeological research

Marja Sahlberg
Curator, architect 
+358 43 824 7331
Cultural environment, architectural-historical research, supervision of restoration

Eetu Sorvali
Tel. +358 40 485 5262
Cultural environment and ancient monuments, archaeological research

Jyri Vilja 
Tel. +358 50 464 4816
Cultural environment, architectural-historical research

More information about Cultural environments:
Kulttuuriympäristömme.fi(extrernal link) 

Keskustorni in the background of Tapiola Leimuniitty (1961-1970).Photo: KAMU Espoon kaupunginmuseo