Stone age settlements, burial cairns and World War I fortifications. For about 9,000 years, people have been living in the area of present-day Espoo. This is why there are many different archaeological sites of different ages in Espoo. Archaeological discoveries and research help to understand how people used to live in Espoo.

KAMU City Museum of Espoo is an expert on the archaeological cultural heritage within the City of Espoo. For example, the museum is responsible for taking relics into account in urban planning and civil engineering projects. KAMU’s archaeologists also help authorities and city residents with other archaeological issues. 

Have you made an archaeological discovery?

Archaeological artefact discoveries and other observations should be reported to the Ilppari service of the Finnish Heritage Agency, through which information about the discoveries will also be provided to archaeologists at the KAMU Espoo City Museum. Ilppari requires a login so that the notifier can discuss the discovery with experts and follow the progress of the processing. You can ask KAMU archaeologists for advice on reporting. 
Ilppari service(external link)
What should I do if I find an antiquity?(external link)

Do you like metal detecting?

In Finland, a metal detector can usually be used without a separate permit. However, you should ask the landowner (even if it is a city or municipality) for permission beforehand, as digging always requires permission. 

Digging is not allowed at ancient monuments, such as prehistoric dwellings, cemeteries or village plots. In addition, the Finnish Heritage Agency recommends that metal detecting should not be carried out at a distance of less than 200 metres from an ancient monument.
Protected sites can be found in the map service of the Finnish Heritage Agency(external link).
Findings more than 100 years old must be reported to the Ilppari service of the Finnish Heritage Agency.


Would you like to manage an archaeological site? The City Museum provides advice on the management and acknowledgement of relics. You can also apply for a grant from the Finnish Heritage Agency for the management work. Grants(external link) 

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Cultural environment and ancient monuments, archaeological research