Information services of the Growth and Learning Sector

The information services of the Growth and Learning Sector help with questions concerning the documents and materials of its sector. We also provide copies of public records stored in our archive. The sector’s records for example contain materials of the Education Unit, Early Childhood Education, Sports and Youth Services and Cultural Services of the City of Espoo.


Requests for information services are processed by the sector’s Document Management. If necessary, it will direct you to the correct place, such as the City Archives that keeps the oldest materials, or to the school that stores the materials you need.

When you make an information service request, please ensure that your request is sufficiently precise. If the request is for confidential information, you must submit it in writing. The request must also state the purpose for which the information will be used, and other necessary details that enable the information services to determine whether the information may be given to you. If necessary, the information services of the Education and Cultural Services will help you make an information request.

Information about pending matters is available from the Registry Office and from the person preparing the matter.

Did you lose your old school diploma?

We often receive requests for school diplomas. If you have lost your school diploma, you may request a new copy of it. Recent diplomas are directly available from the schools that have issued them. Diplomas issued in or before 2015 are usually available from the City Archives.

We look forward to helping you! We will charge a fee for document copies, in line with the confirmed fees of the City of Espoo. 

Documents concerning pupil welfare may be requested from the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County (Luvn).  Please take contact to or tel p. +358 29 1512000. The documents of school health services are also kept in the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County. 


Contact information

+358 50 3952215Please send confidential and other written requests to: Information services of the Growth and Learning Sector P.O. Box 30 FI-02070 CITY OF ESPOO 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI


Opening hours
Telephone hours on weekdays at 9–11 am.

You can also contact us by email at

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Karaportti 1(external link)
02610 Espoo