Outpatient rehabilitation services assesses the need for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, and draws up rehabilitation plans in Finnish for children and adults who live in Espoo and have been diagnosed with a developmental disability in special health care before the age of 18 years. Most of the rehabilitation is conducted as medical rehabilitation of severely disabled persons organised by Kela, which means that the service is provided by private therapists who have a contract with Kela. If the rehabilitation does not meet the criteria for medical rehabilitation of severely disabled persons, it is conducted by our own therapists, either through group rehabilitation or individual therapy. Outpatient rehabilitation services also has a psychologist who conducts support discussions with clients who have developmental disabilities and their parents, regarding matters connected to the developmental disability. The psychologist also performs evaluations as requested by the physician at the Rehabilitation services. A customer relationship with us can be sought at the end of a follow-up period in special health care or when a person with a developmental disability moves to Espoo from elsewhere. Our clients include approximately 1,000 people with developmental disabilities. Their rehabilitation is taken care of mainly by therapists. The medical care, medication and emergencies of people with developmental disabilities are managed or treated at health centres as normal.

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Telephone services weekdays 8.30 am–1 pm, tel. +358 9 81636000 (call-back service)

Visiting addressPihatörmä 1 C(external link), 3. floor
Mailing address: Avokuntoutus, PL 2311, 02070 City of Espoo

Parking on level P3, handicapped parking in front of building C

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