The aim of occupational therapy is to provide assistance with daily life to help people overcome occupational limitations and find and master methods to take care of themselves, interact with people, work or study and enjoy recreational activities. Examples of occupational therapy services for adults: - Assessment of occupational capacity - Assessment of the need for aid equipment - Assessment of the need for accommodation adjustment work (see also Disability Services) - Assessment of functions concerning using services and living at home - Promoting management of activity sets, such as taking care of oneself, home care, hobbies or services - Practising different occupational capabilities, such as fine motor skills, perception or memory - Promoting other factors, which facilitate activity, such as making static hand orthoses - Guidance and instruction: for the customer, their families and other relevant parties Customers usually come to occupational therapy with a referral from a doctor, home care, a social worker or physiotherapist. You can also contact us on your own initiative, without a referral.

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