Vaccinations through school health care

Coronavirus vaccinations

Information on coronavirus vaccinations and appointment booking is available at

Basic vaccines included in the national vaccination programme

Basic vaccines (e.g. tetanus, polio, measles, mumps and rubella, hpv) are available through health centres, child health clinics and school health care. You do not need a prescription to receive a basic vaccine.

Some vaccinations also require booster jabs. Vaccination instructions based on changing situations of diseases and the latest recommendations can be found at link)

You yourself are responsible for making sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date and book an appointment if you need vaccination.

How to book a vaccination appointment

  • Book an appointment with the school nurse online at link). The service requires strong identification using online banking codes or a mobile ID. Read more about acting on behalf of someone else: Contact with Social and Health Services on another person’s behalf.
  • Call the school nurse to book an appointment. If no one answers your call, you can leave your contact details through voice mail and the nurse will contact you.
  • Book an appointment during the school nurse’s walk-in hours. Information on walk-in hours is provided on the school’s page via a Wilma bulletin.

Vaccinations without booking an appointment

School nurses also give vaccines during their walk-in hours. Information on walk-in hours is provided on each school’s page via a Wilma bulletin.

Influenza vaccine

We will provide information on influenza vaccinations during the winter season 2022–2023 through Wilma.

Traveller vaccines

If a pupil needs vaccines that belong to a traveller’s vaccination plan, they should contact their health centre. Read more about traveller vaccines under Vaccinations.

Request your vaccination information

All vaccines you have been given in Espoo are listed in the My Kanta Pages (extrernal link)service if you have been vaccinated after 2014. If your information is not available through My Kanta Pages, you can request it from your health centre, your scholl school nurse or call our telephone service, tel 09 8166 1234. 

You will need your vaccination information for studying, travelling, military service, occupational health care and other health and hospital care, among other things.


BCG against tuberculosis. No booster jab.

HBV against hepatitis-B. 3 vaccinations protect for at least 30 years.

HAV against hepatitis-A. 2 vaccinations protect for at least 30 years.

PDT against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). 4 vaccinations as a baby.

T-d a booster against diphtheria and tetanus. Valid for 10-20 years.

DTaP a booster against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). Next booster at 25 years of age.

HiB against epiglottitis and meningitis caused by the haemophilus bacteria. No vaccinations after childhood.

Polio IPV against polio. 4 vaccinations. In Finland, no booster required, but a booster required at five-yearly intervals when travelling to countries with a high risk of infection.

MPR against measles, mumps and rubella (German measles). 2 vaccinations. No booster jab.

PCV PNEUMO against serious bacterial infections caused by pneumococcus. Booster jabs based on an individual plan.

HPV PAPVI against human papillomavirus. 2-3 vaccinations.

TBE against tick-borne encephalitis. 3 jabs and booster jabs first after 3 years and after that at 10-year intervals.

Influenza INF against seasonal influenza. Booster jabs annually.

VARIC against varicella (chicken pox). 2 vaccinations, no booster jabs.