Health checks through school health services

Please note that we will not, as a rule, send separate invitations to health checks and other. However, if you are concerned about your child’s growth, development and wellbeing, please contact the nurse at your child’s school.

Pupils are offered

  • a health check by a school nurse in grades 1–9.
  • a health check by a doctor in the first and eighth grades. Pupils must first have a health check by a nurse before booking a doctor’s appointment.
  • a joint health check by a doctor and a nurse in the fifth grade.

Appointment booking for health checks

How to book a health check appointment

  • Book an appointment with the school nurse online at link). The service requires strong identification using online banking codes or a mobile ID. Read more about acting on behalf of someone else: Contact with Social and Health Services on another person’s behalf.
  • Call the school nurse to book an appointment. If no one answers your call, you can leave your contact details through voice mail and the nurse will contact you.
  • Book an appointment during the school nurse’s walk-in hours. Information on walk-in hours is provided on the school’s page via a Wilma bulletin.

Health checks are available by appointment only, with the exception of the second- and fourth-graders health checks that are carried out during the school day.

If you want, you can always book an appointment with the school nurse. Guardians can attend their child’s health check and other appointments with a school nurse through a video link while the child / young person is in the nurse’s office. If you wish to attend an appointment through a video link, please contact the school nurse in advance and give them your email address.

Health checks in grades 1–9