Rehabilitation in Espoo Hospital

We support the patient's independence and we focus on rehabilitation. Patients are encouraged to operate on their own and get help only when needed.

Rehabilitation starts as soon as possible. Participation in daily activities as much as the patient’s condition allows improves and maintains functional capacity and independence.

Versatile possibilities for rehabilitation

Hospital staff and the patient plan rehabilitation and care together. For the rehabilitation, concrete goals are set. Together we follow the realisation of the goals for your rehabilitation daily.

Our goal is that the patient is active for six hours per day. With active time we mean almost all the time that the patient does not spend in bed, for example morning chores and meals at a table. We have designated canteen areas at the wards, where all meals are served. Only in exceptional cases do patients eat in the room.

Patients are encouraged to move, reside in the common areas, take advantage of the rehabilitation equipment and rooms and participate in supervised activities.

The hospital offers a lot of activities that support rehabilitation. The wards have  gym equipment and rehabilitative console games. In the covered courtyards outside the wards it is easy to get a breath of fresh air.

Rehabilitation is our common goal

All rehabilitation is guided by the patient's needs and jointly agreed objectives. Both patients and staff aim at making domiciliation possible.

Supervised rehabilitation focuses on groups. Rehabilitation is supervised by both nurses and therapists.
The support of family and friends is important in rehabilitation. Our staff are happy to give advice on how family can support rehabilitation.

If necessary, rehabilitation continues at home

We rehabilitate patients so that they can return home as soon as health permits. When patients move home we make sure domiciliation is safe and that patients get the help they need to manage at home.

If necessary, rehabilitation continues at home. Rehabilitation in the home can be supported by hospital staff and practical nurses from home care.