Family Coaching

Apart from follow ups during pregnancy, one of the fundamental responsibilities of the maternity clinic is to help the family prepare for parenthood. At the maternity clinic you can talk openly about your emotions and ask any questions you have on your mind.

The first half of pregnancy is already behind you. The confusing emotions and possible nausea of the early stages of pregnancy are fading away. The changes in the body of the pregnant mother makes pregnancy more real. The body is already quite uncomfortable and large, and you might suffer from pain and various ailments. The latter part of pregnancy is the time to start preparing for labour and meeting your child. The last weeks of pregnancy tend to pass slowly, as your thoughts are already in life with the baby. Pregnancy culminates in the birth of the child. The upcoming labour might bring about many kinds of feelings; curiosity, nervousness and even fear. This is all normal. For a woman bearing a child for the first time labour is a new experience.

Families expecting their first child are offered family coaching by several professionals. The aim of family coaching is to support growth into parenthood, strengthen interaction between the parents and the baby as well as the relationship between the parents, enable families in the same situation to support each other and provide information about well-being during pregnancy, as well as about labour and baby care.

The family coaching consists of group meetings before labour. The coaches are various professionals in the city and its partners.

You can get information on timetables, meeting places and registration from your maternity clinic.

Family coaching materials provided by the maternity and child health clinic: