Health services in another municipality

You can receive services in accordance with your care plan in another municipality where you are staying for extended periods due to, for example, work, holiday or family member. Care that can be provided in the other municipality includes control visits for blood-thinning and rheumatism patients, bone fracture controls, medication shots, etc.

The right for treatment in another municipality will not be applied within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. If you have selected a health station in Helsinki, Espoo cannot be the other municipality. By contrast, if you have selected a health station in, for example, Kalajoki, where you have a holiday home, Espoo can be the other municipality.

How to get temporary treatment in another municipality

Complete the notification about temporary need for care in another municipality(extrernal link). Following the instructions in the form, deliver it to both the health station in the other municipality and your place of domicile at least three weeks before the first visit. If you have not submitted the notification, the other municipality will not provide care and the City of Espoo will not cover the actual costs of care.

Urgent care

In urgent cases, you can use health services provided by any municipality.

Control visits relating to long-term illness in another municipality

When you travel to the other municipality, take your care plan from your own health station with you. You must have your care plan to have control visits at a health station in another municipality. However, you must notify the health station in the other municipality of your need for care at least three weeks before your first visit.

If the care plan is not available, contact your health station. The health station will decide whether your condition requires control visits in another municipality. If this is deemed necessary, the City of Espoo will give you the permission to seek treatment in another municipality.

Examples of long-term illnesses that may require control visits during extended stays in another municipality

Blood-thinning patients

Care balance should be achieved and the INR level should be in the treatment range before leaving for the other municipality. Ask your health station for a blood-thinning treatment monitoring form indicating the cause and duration of treatment, target level, Marevan dosage and the responses of earlier INR examinations. This information enables your care to be controlled in the other municipality.

Rheumatism patients

Many types of rheumatism medication require regular laboratory control. Your care plan indicates the necessary examinations, dates and medication, helping the other municipality provide the necessary services.

Other illnesses

Control visits for blood diseases and fractures, medication shots, wound care, etc.