Medical supplies

You are entitled to free medical supplies based on a referral from your doctor. Please place your order well in advance, at least two weeks before you need the supplies.

Free face masks are available to people with a low income through Social Services and organisations. You cannot order masks using the forms mentioned on this page.

Despite this exceptional situation, we have continued to deliver supplies as usual. The delivery time is still 1–2 weeks. Please only contact the medical supplies unit if you have not received your order within two weeks. Some Posti pick-up points are located in buildings that may have been closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Our clients’ orders will be delivered as usual, but they may be delivered to different pick-up locations. Please read your pick-up notice carefully, especially to make sure that you know where your package is.

Before providing incontinence products (diapers/pads), we visit each client at home to determine the correct size of the products and to instruct them how to use the products.

How to order medical supplies

  • Place your orders preferably online(extrernal link) or by telephone, tel. 09 816 42458 (Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00).
  • To fill in the online order form, you will have to log in using your online banking codes or mobile ID(extrernal link). If a person over the age of 14 wants another person, for example their guardian, to use the City of Espoo’s health care e-services on their behalf, they will have to authorise this person to do so (authorisation for another person to use health care e-services).
  • We have a call-back system. When you call us, the system will record your number. We will call you back on the same day. If we are not able to reach you immediately, we will call you again, three times in total. We are only able to call Finnish numbers.
  • Our delivery time is two weeks. Posti will deliver your package to your local post office, pick-up point or parcel locker. You can choose the most suitable location.

When placing an order, provide the following information:

  • the client’s name and the last four characters of their personal identity code
  • the product you wish to order, its name, REF number (shown on the product) and quantity
  • the pick-up location (see the Posti website(extrernal link) for details)

It is also possible to have some products delivered to your home address. Home deliveries are agreed on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not have online banking codes or a mobile ID, you can authorise another person to use health care e-services on your behalf. Fill in the form on the authorisation webpage and return it to a City of Espoo health care unit.

Help with technical problems

Technical support for e-services

If you experience technical problems (problems with logging in, error messages, etc.), please contact the support by email or by calling 09 816 34300. The support is open weekdays at 8.30 am–4 pm.

You can also give us feedback via our online feedback service(extrernal link).