What services do Espoo’s dental clinics offer?

Dental care service description

Services for different ages and life situations(external link)

Dental care services specified in the Health Care Act include:

  • monitoring of the oral health of the population
  • provision of health information and health checks
  • tests, prevention and treatment of oral diseases and referral to further tests and treatment
  • early identification of any special needs and tests required by patients.


The City of Espoo offers dental care as a service provided by the municipality, through service vouchers and as an outsourced service. We also cooperate with specialised health care and other health and social welfare services.

Non-urgent dental care

Examples of situations that do not require urgent care

  • Mild ache or pain relieved by the use of painkillers
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot
  • A chipped tooth or filling that is not accompanied by pain, fever, swelling, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, bleeding or difficulty opening the mouth fully


You can make an appointment for non-urgent dental care at our customer service. If a treatment plan has been prepared for you and a treatment visit in accordance with the treatment plan is timely, you can make an appointment online.

With a personal treatment plan based on a careful oral examination and regular self-care, you can maintain your oral health so that you know when your next visit to dental care is necessary. For temporary treatment needs outside of the treatment plan (such as a chipped tooth), you can always contact our customer service, which is happy to help you. 

If the patient’s health is not considered to be endangered, non-urgent oral health care should be available within three months or six months at the latest.

Municipalities or hospital districts must publish information about waiting times for non-urgent care online at least once every four months. Espoo’s information on waiting times for non-urgent care(external link) is also available on our website. Half-yearly, THL also publishes its report on access to primary health care(external link).

Urgent dental care

Urgent care refers to care that cannot be postponed without aggravating the illness or injury.  

Clients requiring urgent care are treated on weekdays at an emergency clinic in Espoo Hospital. In the evenings, on weekends and on mid-week holidays, the emergency services are provided by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s centralised emergency services.

The urgency of the need for treatment is always assessed by telephone. 

Symptoms requiring urgent care:

  • Swelling with fever
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Injury or injury to the mouth or jaw
  • Bleeding, for example, after tooth extraction, if it does not stop in 45–60 minutes with a pressure dressing
  • Pain or ache not relieved by the use of painkillers
  • Long-lasting ache that prevents sleep
  • A chip with the above symptoms
  • A particularly inconvenient chip in a tooth or filling
  • Injuries


On weekdays, we handle urgent issues related to all fixed and removable orthodontic appliances at the Espoo orthodontic emergency clinic; you can make an appointment at our customer service.

Urgent dental care contact information(external link)

Emergency care for oral diseases HUS(external link)


Malocclusion and orthodontics

A dental examination includes an examination of your bite. If necessary, you will be referred to an orthodontist who will assess the difficulty of your malocclusion (improper bite), the need for orthodontics and, particularly in the case of children, the time when treatment should begin.

Video appointment

You do not always have to visit the clinic in person; a video appointment is a secure way to get help or advice. Video appointments make getting help easier and faster.

Currently, video appointments are available for 

  • periodic oral health care appointments at 1 and 3 years of age
  • oral health counselling appointments for families expecting their first child


Imaging services for Espoo residents are provided by HUS Imaging. For imaging examinations, you will need a referral from your dentist. 

The HUS website contains information on various laboratory and imaging examinations(external link). The website also contains HUS patient instructions and information on customer service and appointment booking.