Dental Care - How can we help you?

In addition to the dental clinics, we serve clients through our telephone service and online. The appointment booking of Espoo’s dental clinics tel. 09 816 30300. The appointment booking for urgent dental care tel. 09 816 35900. Book an appointment for dental care online:

Dental care appointment booking

Please note, that dental clinics serve clients by appointment only. Appointments to dental care are made with a central phone service, in which dental care professionals assess the customers' needs for care. Admission to care is determined by the needs for care and the required level of emergency.

You must book an appointment by phone if you are an adult and a new client of Espoo’s Oral Health Services or if you have not received an individual treatment plan. You can book an appointment online for emergency dental care or a periodic dental check-up if you have received an invitation to one. 

We use a callback system. If we are unable to answer immediately, please leave us a callback request and we will contact you. We will try to reach you by phone twice if necessary.

Further information about urgent dental care and non-urgent dental care.


Cancellations and rescheduled appointments

You can reschedule and cancel appointments online or by contacting our customer service.

You can cancel an appointment around the clock by leaving a message to our customer service voice mail, tel. +358 9 81630300.

You can also cancel an appointment around the clock by sending a text message to the number +358 45 73965839. Your text message should include the patient’s name, date of birth and the date and time of the appointment you want to cancel.

You can reschedule and cancel appointments online, citizen's online health services(external link), at any time, with the exception of urgent care and orthodontic treatment.  Log in using your online banking codes, certificate card or mobile ID.

Appointment booking and advice by text message for the deaf and hard of hearing 

Please note that if you need to cancel an appointment, you must do so by 14 o’clock on the day before your appointment. If you miss an appointment or cancel it at the last minute, we will charge you a fee according to our price list.

Services online

You can access appointment services for dental care online, citizen's online health services.(external link)  Log in using your online banking codes, certificate card or mobile ID.

You can book the following appointments online:

  • emergency dental care appointments or appointments for an orthodontic emergency
  • appointments based on your treatment plan, in case you have the right to book appointments
  • appointments that you have been invited to book (e.g. periodic examinations)

Appointments must be made by phone if you are a new adult client in Espoo Oral Health Care or if you don't have an individual treatment plan made yet.

You can also

  • check your own appointment or that of your child under the age of 14
  • cancel or move non-urgent appointments for follow-up treatment. Please note that if you need to cancel an appointment, you must do so by 14 o’clock on the day before your appointment.
  • fill in a preliminary information form regarding an appointment booked for yourself or for your child under the age of 14, if you have received a text message regarding this matter


If you find it difficult to use e-services yourself, you can authorise somebody else to use health care e-services on your behalf.

Dental care forms

Here you can find forms that you may need as a dental care client.

Dental care client fees

Client fees are charged, for example, for health centre visits, dental care services, home care and home nursing services, housing services, hospital and institutional care as well as medical certificates. The dental care client fees are based on the national decree on client fees. The invoice for dental care is sent to the client’s home address after the appointment.

Dental care client fees count towards the annual payment ceiling, with some exceptions. Read more about the annual payment ceiling:

Municipal dental care is free of charge for persons under the age of 18. However, a fee is charged for orthodontic appliances that are lost or damaged due to incorrect use or negligence. Dental care fees are also not charged from individuals who have a front veteran’s badge, a front-line service badge, a front-line badge, a veteran badge or a certificate of participation in certain mine clearance operations. Municipal dental care fees apply to everyone with the exception of the above-mentioned groups. 

The fee for uncancelled, missed appointments is EUR 51.50. Cancellations must take place by 2 pm on the weekday before the scheduled appointment.

The fee for a dental hygienist’s appointment is EUR 10.30, for a dentist’s appointment EUR 13.30 and the fee for a specialised dentist’s appointment is EUR 19.50. In addition, fees are charged for various dental procedures. The fee depends on the procedure.

Contact the dental clinic for more information about the fees. You can ask for a cost estimate before your treatment begins. You may also want to check the final amount after your treatment has been completed. Kela(external link) will reimburse approximately 35% of private dental care costs. Please remember that Kela reimbursement is not available for municipal dental care.

Dental care bills & billing

Inquiries about dental care bills and prices

tel. +358 9 81630400 (callback service, open on weekdays 10-14)

Inquiries about payments and payment arrangements

tel. +358 9 81629500 (open on weekdays 9-15)


The customer service of Espoo’s dental clinics, +358 9 81630300, is open on weekdays 7.45–16.

Advice by text message for the deaf and hard of hearing, tel. +358 46 8771170, on weekdays 7–16.