Future plans for Tapiola

The unique Tapiola garden city will be preserved even though Tapiola is being renovated. Some of the 1970s and 1980s buildings located in Tapiola Centre will be demolished and replaced with new buildings.

Espoo Cultural Centre and Kulttuuriaukio Square and their surroundings will be renewed as the Cultural Centre is expanded. The extension, mainly located above ground, will be located on the north side of the Kulttuuriaukio Square, and it will be connected to the current Cultural Centre through a gallery space. The new extension will include a theatre hall. 

Tapiola has a central parking facility with 2,100 parking spaces. The Kaupinkallio multi-storey car park will be demolished as it is no longer needed. New apartments will be built to replace the Kaupinkallio car park. 

The Tapiola Central Tower is currently being developed as an office building. The so-called Marimekko house, located on the south side of the Kulttuuriaukio Square, will be demolished. It will be replaced by an office building with commercial space on the ground floor.  

Culture Walkway in Tapiola.Photo: Arkkitehtitoimisto Sarc Oy.

In summer 2019, Ring I traffic was directed through a tunnel in Keilaniemi. A park was built on top of the tunnel in the area between Tapiola and Keilaniemi. The pedestrian and bicycle routes of Keilaniemi Park provide excellent connections from Itäranta, Tapiola to the metro and Keilalahti Waterfront Walkway. 

The Keilaniemi tunnel and interchanges have improved the flow of traffic. The noise and traffic emissions to nearby areas have also decreased. 

The Tapiola Sports Park Football Stadium and related facilities are also currently under development.