Future plans for Matinkylä

Construction is under way to replace Matinkylä’s old shopping centre with apartment buildings and business premises. The new housing block called Mahtikortteli is scheduled for completion in 2021. All in all, some 200 apartments will be built on the plot of the old shopping centre.

Hotel in Tynnyripuisto.Photo: Gullichsen Vormala Arkkitehdit Ky

A hotel with a parking garage is being built next to the metro station and Iso Omena. The western metro entrance has been opened for passengers. The ground floor of the hotel will house a high-end restaurant that will include a courtyard patio in the summer.

The hotel will be complemented by two apartment hotels whose fully furnished flats will be available for both short-term and long-term stays.

A new school called Meri-Matin koulu will be built in the Tynnyripuisto park. Its conceptual design is already under way.