Future outlooks in Espoonlahti

The development of central Espoonlahti continues. The aim is to build a vibrant urban centre with good services that are easily accessible from all parts of the Espoolahti sub-area.

The Lippulaiva shopping centre’s new construction project is finished and the shopping centre opened in March 2022. The new Lippulaiva is twice the size of the previous one. The modern Lippulaiva has shops, cafés, restaurants, a library and private health services.

The Lippulaiva shopping centre and its extensive services are easily accessible to residents in the entire Greater Espoonlahti area. In the coming years, several apartment buildings will be built in Espoonlahti.

The Espoonlahti metro station construction work was completed in the spring of 2022. The new metro station and bus terminal are connected to the shopping centre. The metro line opened to traffic on 3 December 2022. Information about the construction of the metro in the Espoonlahti area can be found on the West Metro website(external link).

Several new apartment building projects will be launched in Espoonlahti in the coming years, for example on Espoonlahdenkatu street and by Maininkipuisto park. A large block for about 2,000 residents will be built on the site of the demolished Pikkulaiva shopping centre.

According to the development plan drawn up for the area, new workplace construction will take place in Espoonlahti on both sides of Länsiväylä.

In Soukka, which is part of the Greater Espoonlahti area, infill development will focus first on the surroundings of the metro station and along Yläkartanontie, and some infill development is also planned along Alakartanontie. Homes will be built for about a thousand people.

The entrances to the Soukka metro station will be built on Soukantori square and along Yläkartanontie.

The goal is to increase the population of Soukka by approximately 6,000 people by 2050. Due to the increase in the population, the city is preparing to build 3–4 kindergartens and a comprehensive school.

Located in the Greater Espoonlahti area, Kivenlahti is the final stop of the western metro line. The metro is expected to bring thousands of new residents as well as new jobs and commercial and public services to the area. Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region, and the Laurea University of Applied Sciences are planning to establish new premises in Kivenlahti. By 2050, the population of Kivenlahti is expected to increase from 8,000 to 25,000.

Kiviruukki, located north of Länsiväylä, will be an essential part of Kivenlahti in the future. Kiviruukki is at a short distance from the Kivenlahti metro station. Kiviruukki will be developed into an urban residential, school and workplace area and be the home of Cleantech Garden, a bio- and circular economy innovation cluster.