The Forest Glow Exhibition

Taiteilija Kateryna Harahulian maalaus.


11.1.2023 – 29.1.2023 EET/EEST



Kannusillankatu 4, 02770 Espoon kaupunki

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Free entry

Kateryna Harahulia is a ukranian artist who has been part of the art world for over 12 years. Her art and exhibitions have been exhibited across Europe. This is how she describes her exhibition 'The Forest Glow Exhibition' what you can visit at Kannusali:

"The series is made in a picturesque author's style and expresses my feelings and emotions from the effect of the beauty of nature in Finland.

Bright colors and unusual compositions convey my impression of the picturesque landscapes, weather changes, the wonders of nature, its processes, sunlight, the interaction of the environment and human. Also, the features of the compositional solution indicate the identification of dialogues and convey my feelings from situations, my emotions from communication and experiences from different life situations.

Working on this series has become for me a kind of treatment for my soul after the terrible events that I experienced because of the war in my country, Ukraine. The color of each picture describes my state and thoughts at the time of its creation.

Also, a series of my paintings raises the topic of ecology and the protection of forests on our planet. After all, the forest is an amazing and magical ecosystem that humanity must protect and secure."

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