Finland Works-online recruitment event

Hymyilevä silmälasipäinen naishenkilö Finlands Works -tapahtuman bannerissa.


5.10.2022 klo 09.00–13.00




EURES employment network


Free entry

Are you looking for skilled workers? We invite you to join the Finland Works-online recruitment event: 5.10.2022 at 12.00–16.00.

During the Finland Works recruitment event, you will have contact with skilled and motivated people from different employment sectors both in Finland and abroad. It offers an excellent opportunity to promote your current vacancies European wide. You will have the use of a versatile event platform to ensure your contacts with jobseekers are as successful as possible.

Participation is easy:

1. Register to the event
2. Open your vacancies on the platform
3. You are ready to start recruiting!

On the day of the event, the live programme will stream a wide range of information about Finland and other relevant topics. If you wish, your company can provide a promotional video which can be included in the day’s schedule.

The popularity of the Finland Works online recruitment event continues to grow. The event organized in February 2022 included over 400 open positions, and over 2000 jobseekers from Europe and outside of Europe registered for the event. By the end of the day, almost 1700 job applications had been sent for the positions on offer. The platform was visited by over 27 000 individuals during the day.

Come and join us!
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The event is held in English and participation is free-of-charge. Finland Works is organised by the EURES employment network.

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