Käpylehmä Orchestra

Käpylehmä-orkesterin jäsenet vuoristoradassa.


1.11.2022 klo 08.15–09.00


Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A, 02600 Espoo

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Sello Hall


  • €5

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What if a lion is not a lion, but a dinosaur or a monkey? How many tiny weasels are in the summer nest of a young weasel couple? And what is the best time of day to drink sour milk?

The children’s band Käpylehmä puts music to poems by the beloved poet Kaarina Helakisa. The songs were composed to texts from the ‘Annan ja Matiaksen laulut’ collection published in 1988.

Duration 45 min
Recommended age: 3+
Language: Finnish

Tickets €5, free admission for child group leaders. Bookings: Sellosali@espoo.fi or tel. 050 494 6833 from 8.8.2022.

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