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Online, the event’s main stage is in Dipoli, Espoo.

Reach new heights with international talent

Talent Boost Summit is an annual event aimed at anyone who is motivated to make Finland an attractive place to live, study and work.

Discussing the importance of international talents on the Finnish economy, economic growth and competitiveness in the aftermath of the pandemic will be speakers such as Aki Kangasharju, the managing director of ETLA Economic Research institute.

The program concretely exemplifies how international students and people immigrating for employment or family reasons can find their place in the Finnish society and participate in strengthening the competitiveness of Finnish companies. The Talent Boost Summit program also includes a two-day virtual recruiting event which offers an effective way for companies to reach international talents abroad too.

Depending on the coronavirus situation, the Talent Boost Summit on 28 October can be participated in both virtually and physically in several cities around Finland at events organized by local Talent Hubs. The event’s main stage is in Dipoli, Espoo.

Talent Boost Summit is a joint effort of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland, Uusimaa TE office and the Kokka kohti Suomea -project coordinated by the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland. The upcoming Summit is the fourth of its kind with the City of Espoo now in charge of coordinating the event.

A more detailed program will be published later.

Further information:

Melissa Arni-Hardén, melissa.arni-harden@espoo.fi(extrernal link), tel. 040 508 2234.

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