Recreational activities on the Espoo Hobby Path

Take a moment to explore what the Espoo Hobby Path offers for all 3rd-9th graders in Espoo. When you find an activity that interests you, see more detailed instructions on how to enrol in the hobby group’s additional information. If you have any questions, please contact the organiser of the activity. The offering will be supplemented during the August 2022.

Recreational activities at schools

The free hobby groups of Espoo Hobby Path are offered in almost every elementary school in Espoo. Look below what your school has to offer.

Recreational activities at other locations and online

Some of the recreational activities on the Espoo Hobby Path are organized in recreational locations around Espoo or online. These groups are also free for participants.

Recreational activities at libraries

Hobbies in the Youth centres

More information on the activities

The participants of the Espoo Hobby Path are insured for the duration of the hobby activities. Unless otherwise mentioned, enrolment for the hobby groups is directly to the organiser of the hobby. The organiser of the hobby group contacts the guardians about the practical aspects of the activity. The organiser of the activity will provide information on the enrolment situation of the groups. Please contact the organiser of the activity if you want to cancel your child’s participation or ask more about the activity. 

See also the free-of-charge at Wau and Jumppi sports groups at schools.

COVID-19 information on children and young people’s hobby groups

The hobby activities take regional COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations into account and follow the health and safety guidelines issued by authorities. View the valid COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.


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