Project grants are used to organise art projects and cultural events that increase the participation of residents and to support cultural well-being projects in Espoo.

Application groups

How to apply for a project grant 

Project grants 2022 can be applied for from 7 February, 2022 to 31 August 2022 until 15:45. If the last day of the application period falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the application period will end on the weekday following the weekend at 15:45. 

Project grants should primarily be applied for through the online service(extrernal link). The application form (pdf) can be obtained on request at 

Grant applications are to be submitted by the deadline to the City of Espoo Registry Office at P.O. Box 1, 02070 City of Espoo, or electronically at If necessary, secure e-mails can be sent to this address using the service(extrernal link)

A form submitted through the online service will not be delivered to the Registry Office.  

The Culture Committee will decide on project grants at its meetings from March to September.  

The Culture Committee has delegated decision-making power for project grants to the Cultural Director for grants of up to €3,000. Office-holder decisions on grants are made on a monthly basis.  

Before applying, please review the application criteria.