A safe and pleasant Espoo

A safe environment is a prerequisite for good urban life

The City of Espoo develops and builds shared urban spaces, and safety is always taken into account when planning, building, using and maintaining these spaces. A pleasant, well-maintained urban environment sends out a message that it is valued and monitored.

The city also improves the safety of people’s everyday lives by supporting a sense of community, preventing social exclusion and producing high-quality services. The promotion of safety is part of the city’s operating culture.

A residents’ city

We can all influence our surrounding environment through our own actions. Keeping the environment clean, smart behaviour and taking care of ourselves and others create a safe Espoo.

Residents can also take part in the planning and development of our shared urban environment, share their views on town planning projects and give feedback to the city. Safety walks offer us a way of examining the safety of local environments together with residents, associations, companies and authorities. Resident forums discuss issues that are, for example, related to the safety and comfort of local areas.