Partnership and internationality in innovation work

Strong partnerships are the cornerstone of the sustainable urban development of the future. They are also a prerequisite for the city to receive domestic and foreign development funding.

We implement the Espoo Story and develop Espoo systematically, together with our domestic and international partners. This allows us to strengthen the entire Espoo community’s vitality, impact and ability to attract and keep talent.

The challenges and phenomena in our operating environment are becoming increasingly complex. In order to face them, we need new ways of working, such as shared impact goals, open dialogue to address challenges and the courage to experiment and build a roadmap together with our partners.

Strengthening national and international partnerships and networks and creating a testing environment for sustainable urban solutions are key factors as we work to be a world-class pioneering community for sustainable growth.

We are creating a systematic operating model for partnerships and co-creation between the urban community and the international community, which supports the strengthening of the City of Espoo’s domestic and international partnerships and their connection to domestic and international networks. Through this, we aim to attract investments in Espoo and promote access to major project application processes that support the development of innovative solutions in the city’s partnership networks.