Children’s transport to and from pre-primary education is the responsibility of their parents/guardians, and each child must be accompanied by the parent/guardian or other adult.

A transport subsidy is granted if the pupil attends pre-primary education at a school or day-care centre assigned by the local authority over 3 km from home. The transport of pupils in pre-primary education is primarily arranged by paying their parent/guardian a subsidy corresponding to the price of an adult’s monthly ticket for public transport. The transport subsidy is paid for the days on which the statutory requirements are met.

The right to receive the transport subsidy only applies to transport from the home or early childhood education place to the pre-primary education place and back. It is not granted for transport to the early childhood education place in the morning, before the beginning of pre-primary education, or for transport home from the early childhood education place in the afternoon, after the end of pre-primary education.

The travel subsidy is applied for using a separate transport subsidy application form for pre-primary education, available on the Forms for pre-primary education -page. 

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