Service voucher for early childhood education

A service voucher is one way of arranging the municipality's statutory early childhood education services. The service voucher will be introduced for early childhood education services offered by private day-care centres. The city contributes to the costs of private early childhood education by granting a child-specific service voucher to families. The municipality grants a service voucher for a child's early childhood education. You apply for a service voucher in the same way as you would apply for municipal early childhood education, by filling in an application using Espoo's online system ( When filling in the application, select under 'Preferred units' the service voucher unit that you prefer. It is recommended to contact the day-care centre at the latest after submitting an application.

Early childhood education Service Voucher Customer service

+358 9 816 27401The income statement and the necessary enclosures can be sent to the following address: City of Espoo, Financial Administration, Early Education Invoicing, P.O. Box 30, 02070 City of Espoo

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