The club's term runs from August until the end of May. A new application must always be submitted for the new term. The application period for the following term of the clubs is in March. The decision on granting a place in a club is made for one term. However, after the application period, you can also apply to clubs for places that may be released during the term.

Clubs offer an alternative to full-time or part-time early childhood education. A child aged between 2–5 years cared for at home has the possibility of attending a club with instructed activities in a child group. Two professional instructors work at the club.

Attending club activities does not impact child home care allowance paid by Kela. If the family is paid private day care allowance, the child cannot receive a place in a club.

The key goals of the club activities include learning social skills and accumulating positive experiences for the child about him-/herself and acting in a group setting. The club activities support the development of self-esteem and becoming independent as well as families in their upbringing efforts.

The clubs operate in connection with the residents’ parks, open day-care centres or day-care centres.

The child attends the club without a parent for 2 or 3 hours per day on 2–3 days a week depending on the club’s operating days. The group size is approximately 14 children depending on their age.

The children have a snack time in the clubs. For this purpose, the parents prepare a small snack for the child, for example, a beverage, piece of fruit and bred roll.

The children are insured for the duration of the club activities.

The clubs observe the work times and holidays of pre-primary education of early childhood education. Club activities are free and meant for children living in Espoo.

Clubs on a map

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