The school social worker is the expert of social work in the school community. His/her work aims at promoting the psycho-social wellbeing of pupils, their positive wholesome development by means of social work, and at fostering collaboration between home and the school. The school social worker participates in multiprofessional collaboration with pupils, guardians, the school staff and partners outside the school who promote the wellbeing of children and young people. The work focuses on communal work such as in the class and groups, on consultation, individual support meetings with pupils as well as network discussions.

The school social officer may be contacted for example when

  • it is difficult in school or on free-time, if friendships, bullying, coming to school or school-work are of concern
  • there is arguing at home between family members, use of drugs or mental health problems
  • one's own issues, such as loneliness or melancholy are of concern.

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