Securing early support and preventing problems is important. The starting point is interaction, which builds trust, in which the pupil is appreciated and his/her opinions are heard. The pupil has a statutory right for individual pupil welfare, which refers to school health services, psychologist and school social officer services as well as case-specific multi-professional pupil welfare.

The pupil has the right to get to a conversation/meeting with the psychologist or the school social officer latest by the seventh school working day after one's request. In urgent situations, the conversation has to be arranged already on the same or the following day also based on the contact initiative of the guardian or another person. The urgency is evaluated by a pupil welfare expert. The school staff have an obligation to guide the pupil to seek the needed pupil welfare services.

By law, the guardian cannot deny an underaged child from using pupil welfare services. In individual pupil welfare, the matters are confidential and the work follows regulations concerning data transfer and confidentiality.

In individual multi-professional pupil welfare, a case-specific group of experts is gathered in order to clarify the pupil's need for care and to arrange the necessary pupil welfare services. The group's multi-professional composition is considered case by case and according to the matters at hand. The pupil's, and/or when needed, the guardian's agreement is a prerequisite for naming the members.