Communal pupil welfare is central to the school's operating culture. The work promotes the learning, wellbeing, health, social responsibility, interaction and participation of the pupils. Its primary focus is on preventive work which supports the entire school by preventing problems, their early recognition and enables the arranging of the necessary support. The starting point for communal pupil welfare is the participation of pupils and guardians, and them becoming heard. Communal pupil welfare strengthens the pupils' wellbeing by creating an atmosphere of shared belonging, open interaction and care, in which it is good for everyone to be and study.

The communal pupil welfare group is multi-professional. The group is run by the school principal. In addition to the principal, other members are the psychologist, the school social officer, the school nurse, member(-s) of the school staff, the guidance counsellor, a part-time special needs teacher or a special needs teacher and in some schools the Finnish education unit's own therapists. In addition, representatives of pupils, the student association, guardian(-s) and other collaboration parties (e.g. the Youth Services) can be invited into the group. The communal pupil welfare group gathers regularly according to a pre-agreed schedule. In the meetings, matters are discussed on the general and communal level.