Supporting your company in internationalisation

Business Espoo offers advice on international issues like legal -, EU financial - and IPR advice. We also help you with the problems of the EU internal market, international recruitment and development of the commercialisation of innovations as well as foreign trade documents. Please contact us. We help your company succeed abroad.

Personal advice and information sessions

Business Espoo’s experts provide clients with sparring on internationalisation issues. You also have the opportunity to obtain an expert referral. The first meeting is free of charge. EnterpriseEspoo’s experts Nikke Vainikka and Irene Matinpalo serve you in our advisory team. Nikke’s expertise covers the Chinese/Asian market, and Irene knows the Russian business area well.

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Information sessions

We organise internationalisation clinics 2–4 times a year. At the clinics, you will be served by an international business expert from Industria Oy. You will receive advice, for example, on starting a company’s exports and other international activities. The goal of the internationalisation clinic is to define the main guidelines for the development measures necessary for the internationalisation of the company.

Book an appointment at an internationalisation clinic on the EnterpriseEspoo website.

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Internationalisation events of Enterprise Europe Network

The Chamber of Commerce’s EEN unit actively organises information sessions related to internationalisation for companies in cooperation with other actors. Typically, the events last half a day and focus on the market or financing of a particular country. The purpose of the events is to provide information about the theme, offer contacts and give peer support through business examples as well as ideas on how to act, for example, to access the market of a particular country.

List of events on the EEN website

More information about the events:
Johanna Niemistö or
Johanna Marin-Hyppönen


Advisory services of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

General advice on international issues

We offer general advice on internationalisation and foreign trade, including information on countries and markets. Your questions may concern, for example, investment issues, starting a business, market surveys and market surveyors, fairs, potential partners, certain rules or appropriate contacts in the country concerned.  

Contact us by email: Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce/Enterprise Europe Network, Johanna Niemistö or
Johanna Marin-Hyppönen
EEN’s other experts in Finland.

Legal advice on international issues

We offer general legal advice on internationalisation and foreign trade regarding, for example, the impact and implementation of EU legislation, national legislation, international trade agreements, disputes, transport conditions, taxation and public procurement. The service is free of charge and available to all Finnish SMEs. The legal advice does not involve the preparation of documents and does not replace the services of law firms, for example.

Contact us by e-mail:
Mika Lahtinen or
Maija Kärkäs or

EU financial advice

We provide information on the funding opportunities and programmes offered by the EU and support companies in identifying a suitable EU funding programme. We help companies find out which funding programmes could be useful for their business. Explore Enterprise Europe Network’s EU funding guide (PDF)

More information on EU financial advice is available on the website of Enterprise Europe Network.

Contact us preferably by e-mail: Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce/Enterprise Europe Network, Johanna Marin-Hyppönen

Contact information of EEN’s other experts in Finland on the EEN website.

European IP Helpdesk providing help concerning intellectual property

The European IP Helpdesk provides free assistance in IP issues. The service is intended for SMEs involved in trade or other international activities in the EU and for parties seeking or already receiving EU funding. The European IP Helpdesk provides practical guides from the point of view of companies, a newsletter, webinars and other training as well as general advice on concrete issues through the Helpline service. The Helpline is in English and requires registration.

Advice can also be obtained from Enterprise Europe Network in Finland
The European IP Helpdesk contact person at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce can forward your questions to the Helpline on behalf of your company.

Contact us preferably by e-mail: Maija Kärkäs,

The service is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme and is free of charge to users. The EU also finances advisory services outside the area, which are collected on the website IP Helpdesks in China, Southeast Asia and Latin America help European SMEs in these markets. Information, guides, studies and general advice in concrete cases are available free of charge. 

Problems with the EU internal market – SME feedback service

The Enterprise Europe Network unit of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce forwards information to the European Commission on the problems businesses encounter in operating in the EU internal market. For example, in an EU country, there may be a problem with additional certificates for products required by an authority or other local legislation that appears to be incompatible with internal market rules and hamper market access.

We advise companies confidentially in concrete issues and report problems faced by companies to the Commission without identifying the companies that have encountered difficulties. The aim is to simplify and improve internal market legislation. The purpose is to ensure that future political decisions can take better account of the practical experience of companies operating in the internal market.

We also cooperate through the SOLVIT network if a problem can be suspected of originating from a misapplication of legislation or, for example, incorrect harmonisation of EU legislation in another EU country. In the Solvit network, problems are solved by means of unofficial cooperation between authorities. In Finland, the service is handled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Contact us by e-mail:
Maija Kärkäs, or


Innovation Expert service

Innovation Expert service to help innovative companies become more competitive and grow

We provide innovation commercialisation analysis and advisory service to innovative SMEs whose product, service or business model provides a significant competitive advantage and enables significant international growth. The company should also have an organisation of at least ten people and a few years of activity behind it.

The 7–10-day free service package includes

  • an analysis of the company’s development targets using an electronic analysis tool
  • an action plan for the identified development targets
  • expert support for implementation of the plan.

For more information, please visit the EEN website

Contact us by email: Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce/Enterprise Europe Network
Johanna Niemistö
Johanna Marin-Hyppönen

Contact information of EEN’s other experts in Finland on the EEN website

Foreign trade documents

Chambers of Commerce issue foreign trade documents, such as the European Union General Certificate of Origin and ATA Carnet Customs Document for temporary export.

Foreign parties may ask the company to confirm a specific document at the Chamber of Commerce. The request is usually related to foreign trade routines. The most common foreign trade documents to be confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce are commercial invoices, packing lists, price lists and various certificates. By confirmation, the Chamber of Commerce verifies the content and existence of a specific document at the time of confirmation. At the discretion of the Chamber of Commerce, such explanations of the information contained in the documents must be provided in order to convince the Chamber of Commerce of the correctness of the information.

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Contact:, tel. Exchange +358 9 228 601

International House Helsinki’s advice for employers

International House Helsinki offers free advice to employers and companies on issues such as international workforce, work-related immigration, recruitment processes and work and residence permits. In addition, the advisory service provides information on existing private and public sector services related to international employment. The service is provided by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

Read more on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Contact:, tel. +358 40 922 5126