Searching for employees

Business Espoo offers a free service to find suitable employees for the needs of the company.

Job advertisements

You can report a vacancy to the vacancies service of the TE Office(external link) or Omnia’s Tiitus job search app(external link). Job advertisements in English receive wide visibility on the Jobs in Finland service(external link).

Experts of the TE Office’s recruitment services can help with publishing a job and finding suitable workforce. Recruitment service experts can be reached by e-mail:
For more information, please visit the TE Office website(external link) (in Finnish).

An employer registered in the Työ link) service can find suitable employees at Job Market Finland with search criteria without posting a job advertisement. 

Students from universities and universities of applied sciences, including international degree students, can be reached through the universities’ career and recruitment services, many of which use the Jobteaser platform(external link). In addition to job advertisements, universities have a variety of tailored options for employer visibility on campuses.

Pre-selection and presentation of employees

Our experts identify for suitable professionals for the needs of companies and, if necessary, advise on forms of employment support. We provide companies with an easy way to reach potential employees regardless of the sector. Our services:

  • free recruitment assistance
  • financial support for recruitment
  • visibility in our recruitment activities

Contact us:

Employment through procurement

Some of the procurement contracts of the City of Espoo contain an employment condition. This condition is met when the company that won the bidding competition offers a job to a job seeker who is young, has an immigrant background or has been unemployed for more than six months. The employment can be carried out as paid employment, with pay subsidy, as an apprenticeship or as an individual solution. The person to be employed can take up any position in the company.

Contact us: 

Jari Engström, tel. +358 46 8772362

International recruitment assistance

An international expert can make a significant contribution to the success and growth of a company if they are familiar with the business culture of the target market country. We offer several services for recruiting international experts. 

Tutustu kansainvälisen rekrytoinnin palveluihimme