Recruitment through training

Labour market training

Labour market training(external link) is a good option in a situation where a company needs support to find skilled personnel. Omnia and the company that needs workforce will jointly assess the competence needs. The aim of the training carried out based on these needs is to employ the trainees in that company.

Degree/partial degree training

The company can train new skilled personnel using Omnia’s wide range of degrees and partial degrees(external link). Degree courses can be flexibly tailored to the company’s competence needs. A degree can also be obtained through apprenticeship training(external link)

Card training

The Open Omnia online store(external link) (in Finnish) offers key professional qualification card and passport training, including alcohol and hygiene passport and occupational safety card training. It is possible for an Espoo employment services client to complete card training depending on the situation.


An apprenticeship is a flexible way to acquire competence for a company. An apprenticeship can be used to complete basic, vocational and specialist vocational qualifications as well as parts of qualifications. You can train new employees through an apprenticeship or supplement the personnel’s skills to meet future needs. Read more(external link).