Financial support and employment

Business Espoo’s experts advise and assist their business partners in their applications for pay subsidy and Espoo supplement.

Pay subsidy

A pay subsidy is an financial benefit that a TE Office or local government pilots on employment may grant to an employer to cover the pay costs of an unemployed job-seeker. The pay subsidy can be up to 30–50% of the pay costs of the new employee, depending on the duration of their unemployment. The subsidy is available for open-ended or fixed-term employment and for apprenticeship training. 

More information on the TE Office website(external link)

Espoo supplement for employment

The Espoo supplement for employment is the City of Espoo’s benefit for any employer that hires an unemployed Espoo resident for fixed-term or non-fixed-term employment. The support methods are recruitment subsidy, pay subsidy and assignment subsidy.

Espoo supplements, applicant criteria, application instructions, and application form

Talent Explorer funding service

Gain new knowledge and expertise to help advance in a new global market with The Talent Explorer funding service provided by Business Finland. It is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and Midcap companies (maximum group-level turnover of 300 million euros) in all sectors, with the exception of industries excluded from de minimis funding (primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture).

Companies that are seeking new export markets for a product, service or business model by hiring an expert. The company may be in its early stages of internationalization or already operate internationally.

Supported employment advice

Workplace instructors

Successful management of the role of a workplace instructor requires familiarisation with the practices of workplace learning, i.e. planning, implementation and assessment of competence. Omnia offers free training for workplace instructors online, at Omnia as face-to-face implementation or at your own company. The training is suitable for all employees interested in workplace counselling and guiding students.

More information on workplace instructor training on the Omnia website(external link).

Language training

The Open Omnia online store(external link) also offers Finnish as a second language (S2)