Employee training

With our help, the development of your staff’s professional skills is easy. You can train your staff flexibly and with shorter or longer training packages as needed. There are plenty of training sessions to choose from and, if necessary, we can also tailor training to your company. Sometimes there comes a time when there is no longer enough work for everyone or the work changes its shape. Even in these changing situations, we can find a solution together. We can help you get the right skills where they are needed.

Business Espoo offers training content in the following topics, among others:

  • Management and supervisory skills
  • Interaction in the work community and teamwork
  • Financial competence
  • Legal competence
  • Sector-specific and vocational competence
  • Technological competence
  • Competence related to the change in the operating environment


Management and leadership

As your company grows, the importance of management and leadership will also increase. The first employee turns an entrepreneur into an immediate supervisor. The following ones turn the entrepreneur into a team leader. Everyday management and leadership, human resource planning and well-being at work are some of the areas where you can deepen your expertise with the help of our network.



Apprenticeship is a flexible way to develop expertise within your company. You may train yourself as an entrepreneur or update the competences of your employees. Apprenticeship training is free of charge for an employer. Read more about apprenticeship training.

Labour market training

​​​​Does your company have work to do but not enough people to do it? If you need new employees, remember to check out the current labour market training. You may find the people you need among the participants. It is also possible to achieve various licences and permits through TE Services as labour market training. RekryKoulutus (‘recruitment training’) is a good option for employers who have trouble finding competent employees and no new experts are expected to graduate in the company’s field in the near future. 

Competence development services in changing situations

The TäsmäKoulutus (‘tailored training’) by TE Services refers to vocational upper secondary education and training or vocational further education and training that is tailored to the needs of your company and employees. MuutosKoulutus (‘change training’) helps a company take responsibility for its employees’ future if work runs out and the company has to lay off employees for financial or production-related reasons.

The process of changing ownership may also be supported by completing a degree or part of a degree.

Entrepreneur career guidance

A career counsellor can explore options with you and identify a suitable way to acquire skills for your company’s needs. More information on the Omnia website(external link).

TäsmäKoulutus (‘tailored training’)

TäsmäKoulutus Training (targeted training) is tailored training that your current staff can attend when the company's operations or the technology it uses changes. The training helps the entrepreneur or employees update their skills to correspond to the new requirements. It also aims to prevent lay-offs or dismissals. The training can be provided during fixed-term lay-offs or instead of them.

Read more about targeted training offered by the TE Office(external link).

MuutosKoulutus (‘change training’)

Change training (MuutosKoulutus) is intended for situations where a company has to make its employees redundant for production-related or financial reasons. Through change training, the company can support the opportunities of those who are made redundant to be employed elsewhere or the ability of workers who are laid off to transfer to other positions in the company. The training is also suitable for times when staff are temporarily laid off and it is not certain if they can go back to work.

The training is tailored to the needs of the students, and its student selections and funding are managed jointly by the employer and the employment and economic development administration. 

Read more about change training(external link) offered by the TE Office.


Knowledge services in situations involving a change of ownership

The process of changing ownership may also be supported by completing a degree or part of a degree – the degrees may include development projects in your company. You can prepare your company for sale, or if you are a buyer of a company, you can acquire the skills you need, for example, to support management and supervisory work, strengthen entrepreneurial skills and build a new direction for the purchased company through product and service development.

Examples of suitable degrees to support the transfer of ownership processes include

  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Leadership and Business Management
  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Product Development and
  • ​Vocational Qualification in Entrepreneurship.

More information on the training options on the Omnia website(external link)