Change of ownership or generation of a company

A change of ownership or generation of a company is a challenging stage in the life cycle of the company, and it is advisable to seek external expertise as early as possible.

When a change of ownership is done skilfully, it gives the company a new boost and offers opportunities for success. But even a strong company can have big problems if the change of ownership is done carelessly. Business Espoo’s business experts are ready to help you move forward and guide you to further discussions if necessary. There are special support and advisory services for challenging change situations.

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Knowledge services in situations involving a change of ownership

The process of changing ownership may also be supported by completing a degree or part of a degree – the degrees may include development projects in your company. You can prepare your company for sale, or if you are a buyer of a company, you can acquire the skills you need, for example, to support management and supervisory work, strengthen entrepreneurial skills and build a new direction for the purchased company through product and service development.

Examples of suitable degrees to support the transfer of ownership processes include

  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Leadership and Business Management
  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Product Development and
  • ​Vocational Qualification in Entrepreneurship.

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