Badger’s Forest

The Badger’s Forest is an open playground on the second floor of the Nature house.

The Badger’s Forest is a playground in the foyer on the second floor. You can dress up as a creature of the forest, play with animal hand puppets or crawl into the badger’s den. The foyer also features a butterfly collection, reference books on nature and the environment, story books and poetry books. At the table you can draw or play games. 

The nature house guide reads stories out loud on the first weekend of the month, from October to May on Sundays and from June to September on Saturdays at 11:00. The event will be held in Finnish. Come and enjoy the story hour!  

Story cards and a food network story tell about the life of animals in the Badger’s Forest. Instructions have been prepared for instructors about the use of costumes and picture cards for play and learning sessions. 

The Viilentäviä valintoja (‘Cooling Choices’) floor game lets you explore the impact of your everyday life choices on global warming.