Staff at Starttipiste

  • Youth Work
6.9.2021 8.55Updated: 18.10.2022 8.13
  • Housing advisor every other Monday (odd weeks) – Helsinki Metropolitan Area Youth Housing Association
  • Outreach youth worker on every day – Nuori Espoo
  • Well-being instructor  on Wednesdays – ONNI
  • Youth workshop instructor every other Wednesday (even weeks) – Omnia
  • Swedish-speaking youth work / Svenskpråkig ungdomsarbete på jämna veckors fredagar
  • Social instructor on Tuesdays – Adult social work’s team for young people
  • Employment specialist on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (14-16) – Employment Espoo
  • Career counsellor every other Wednesday (odd weeks) – Omnia
  • Vamos coach on Thursdays – Vamos Espoo
  • Exercise instructor on Wednesday (even weeks, 13:30-15) - Espoo Liikkuu
  • Immigration specialist on last Thursday of the month (12-15) - Hello Espoo

We will also inform you of upcoming events and experts visiting at the Leppävaara Starttipiste on Ohjaamotalo’s Instagram account(external link) (@ohjaamotalo). We publish the weekly programme every Monday. (in Finnish)