Espoo has a variety of aquatic nature: ditches, streams, rivers, lakes and the sea. Most lakes are concentrated in the Nuuksio highlands and the central parts of the city. The largest lake in Espoo is Lake Bodominjärvi, rich in nutrients and situated in the middle of the city, and the most significant flowing water is the Espoonjoki river, about seven kilometres long and running into the Espoonlahti bay. Among the aquatic nature sites worth a visit are Lake Matalajärvi, which is known for its rich birdlife, and many of the murky watered marshes and swamp lakes in northern Espoo, such as Tuhkuri, Hauklampi and Kattilajärvi. The most spectacular flowing water sites include the Mynttilänkoski river valley and Monikko stream valley, meandering amidst lush green landscapes. While visiting one of Espoo’s aquatic sites, you might even come across an otter, a highly endangered sea trout or a king fisher!

Information on the city’s water conservation efforts is available here. 

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