The Espoo Story

The Espoo Story is Espoo's strategy. It guides the city's operations better and more clearly in accordance with common goals.

The city's budget and financial plan are derived from the Espoo Story. The sectors and units derive their own stories and goals from the Espoo Story and common objectives of the council term. The Story is implemented in our everyday work.

The vision of the City of Espoo

Espoo is a network city comprising five city centres. The City of Espoo is a responsible and humane pioneer. Espoo is a good place for everybody to live, learn and work and be an entrepreneur. In Espoo, residents can truly have an influence.

The values and modus operandi of the City of Espoo

The City of Espoo is resident- and customer-oriented

Smooth everyday life is important in Espoo. The best resources in Espoo are its residents, communities and companies. Active involvement of residents in the development of our services and our comprehensive co-operation with partners ensure effective services that meet the needs of the residents.

The City of Espoo is a responsible pioneer

We are broadminded, creative and open, challenge status quo and have the courage to seek out new ways. We utilize research and international experience, organize experiments and deal with possible failures. Development in Espoo is economically, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable.

The City of Espoo is fair

We act openly and fairly and treat people with equality, humanity and tolerance.

Cross-administrative development programmes of the City of Espoo

The Espoo Story is also implemented through cross-administrative development programmes to react to the central challenges of Espoo. These development programmes penetrate all sectors of the city organisation.

The cross-administrative development programmes for the council term 2017-2021 are:

  • Participatory Espoo
  • Inspiring, dynamic Espoo
  • Sustainable Espoo
  • Healthy Espoo