The Committee’s grants for youth activities

The Sports and Exercise and Youth Committee awards grants, upon its discretion, to support youth activities organised by Espoo-based youth associations, youth organisations and youth activity groups.

The purpose of these grants is to support active citizenship, social empowerment, independence and a drug-free lifestyle among young people under 29 years of age on their leisure time.

Instructions on grants

The Sports and Exercise and Youth Committee’s instructions on grants for youth activities (pdf, 207 Kt)

General grant

The application period ends on 31 March.

General grants are awarded to Espoo-based youth associations for organising their regular activities for young people in line with their action plan.

You can send attacment till 4th of May 2020.

An advance payment of a general grant

The application period ends on 15 January.

An advance payment of a general grant is deducted from the grant itself. Associations that received a general grant from the Sports and Exercise and Youth Committee in the previous year are entitled to an advance payment of the ongoing year’s grant. The maximum advance payment is 50% of the previous year’s general grant.

Please deliver your printed application to the following address before the application period ends:
City of Espoo Registry Office / Youth applications, P.O. Box 1, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO (Street address: Entresse shopping centre, Siltakatu 11). Alternatively, you may bring your application to any of the city’s Service Points during their opening hours. If the application period ends on a weekend or a bank holiday, you may submit the application on the first following weekday.

Grants for regional organisations

The application period ends on 31 October.

The primary task of regional youth organisations is to coordinate and support the activities of local associations, chapters or youth activity groups. By awarding grants to support the activities of Espoo-based regional youth organisations, the Sports and Exercise and Youth Committee helps build organised voluntary youth activities that look far into the future and enhances the qualitative and quantitative development of such activities.

Partnership grant

Ongoing application period throughout the year. Please note! Use a printable application.

Partnership grants are meant for activities that youth associations organise together with Espoo’s Youth Services. The activities must be in line with the Young Espoo Story (the Youth Services’ strategy). Partnership grants are awarded to Espoo-based youth associations and other associations whose activities are mainly intended for children and young people between 9 and 25 years of age. In special situations, partnership grants may also be awarded to youth associations or other associations that are based outside Espoo if they have Espoo residents as members, organise their activities in Espoo or elsewhere and there are Espoo residents (mainly young people aged 9 to 25) participating in said activities.

Activities funded with partnership grants must be completely or almost free of charge and intended for young people aged 9 to 25 in line with strategic focus areas.

The focus areas for 2021:

  • Equality and environmental sustainability, digital youth work, international youth work (especially internationalisation at home)
  • Activities that meet specific needs and require a quick response, and responding to different phenomena in cooperation with organisations
  • Summer activities (camps organised together and camps that complement the activities of Youth Services). A separate partnership grant budget has been reserved for summer activities.

and, on a discretionary basis, other activities to implement the Young Espoo strategy

In addition to partnership grants, Espoo’s Youth Services may allow the applicant to use its premises (youth centres) for free. Applications for partnership grants can be submitted at any time. Whether grants are awarded depends on the annual budget. Partnership grants are awarded at our discretion, and a report is required on every realised partnership project. If any part of the partnership grant has not been spent according to the plans stated in the application, the City of Espoo may reclaim it from the recipient.

To apply for a partnership grant, submit a written application to the City of Espoo Registry Office or to a Service Point.

Targeted grants

Application periods end on 15 January, 30 April and 30 September.

You can apply for targeted grants online between 1.9.-30.9.2020. Link to the application page.
First enter the requested information about your association. Then fill in the application, sign it and submit it through the system.

Please read the quick instructions: How to sign in as an association (in Finnish pdf, 11 Kt).

Targeted grants can be awarded to Espoo-based youth associations, organisations and activity groups. In special situations, these grants may also be awarded to youth associations that are based outside Espoo but have Espoo residents as members and operate in Espoo. Similarly, grants may be awarded to Espoo-based regional youth organisations under special circumstances. 

Targeted grants are one-off grants. They can be applied for either in advance or retrospectively.

Youth activity groups can apply for targeted grants until 30 September when the application period ends.

For further information, please contact:

Hanna Savilahti, tel. 043 825 5240.