Young talents involved in creating the Business Espoo brand

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2019-10-28 14:25

Last year’s Dash Hackathon offered the Business Espoo network an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts. Three talented young people who took part in the event have been involved in creating the network’s brand. These three young talents, Siddhant Gupta, Fanny Haga and Sabina Friman, were responsible for both the network’s visual guidelines and brand photos.

The Business Espoo network has been developed at A Grid in Otaniemi since the autumn of 2018. The network has refined its priorities and methods of collaboration. The aim of pooling resources is to better support entrepreneurs and businesses in Espoo and the surrounding municipalities. The network offers constantly evolving services under one roof.

– One of our most important tasks is to increase awareness of the business services available. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of all the advisory and support services that are available free of charge,” says Harri Paananen, Manager of Economic and Business Development at the City of Espoo. “In addition to the content, it is also important what Business Espoo looks and feels like. We have created a modern and professional, yet approachable visual identity for our network. It’s great that young professionals, who are only just starting their careers, have also taken part in this development work.”

Dash Hackathon helped with the development of Business Espoo

Business Espoo took part in the Dash Hackathon exactly one year ago in October 2018. Dash is Europe’s leading design hackathon where international student teams create solutions to business challenges. The challenge presented by Business Espoo was tackled by some 25 people from different fields. One of them was graphic design expert Siddhant Gupta, an Aalto University student originally from India. Together with his team, he designed a proposal for a Business Espoo logo and website layout during the Dash weekend.

– We were very impressed by Siddhant’s skills and wanted to continue working with him after the hackathon. In this case we decided, together with Siddhant’s team, that only one person would continue with this project due to the required area of expertise. We have actually created a process for further development paths, allowing us to channel hackathon ideas, teams and talented individuals into the city’s experimentation process or elsewhere in the innovation ecosystem. The city wants to support the development of ideas into businesses and, in the best-case scenario, help new talents like Siddhant, Sabina and Fanny find work, says Project Manager Heli Hidén from the City of Espoo.

Siddhant Gupta, who graduated from Aalto University this autumn, says that he picked Business Espoo’s challenge on purpose.

– I believed that the challenge could lead to further collaboration opportunities with different organisations in the city,” Gupta says. “Collaboration with the network was more than meaningful for a young person full of ideas. It feels great that Business Espoo trusted my professional skills when designing and building its visual identity.”

Business Espoo logo

The logo designed for Business Espoo is simple and elegant and matches the brands of all the organisations in the network. The network’s colour scheme also matches the brand colours used by its organisations. The main colour is blue, supported by splashes of other colours such as orange, green and turquoise.

Brand photos capture the important moments of entrepreneurship

The aim of the Business Espoo brand photos is to highlight the network’s objective of boosting the vitality of entrepreneurs and businesses. The photographs for the network were designed and produced by photographer Fanny Haga and Art Director Sabina Friman, who have both also studied at Aalto University just like Gupta.

– The life of an entrepreneur is wonderful, but it can also be challenging. You have to juggle many things from bureaucratic paperwork to strategic networking. Sometimes you may feel that there are not enough hours in the day, but fortunately you don’t have to face these daily challenges on your own. We believe that the most important moments in an entrepreneur’s daily life are based on genuine encounters between people,” says Sabina Friman who designed the concept behind the photos.

The Business Espoo photos are fresh and highlight genuineness and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

– We shot the photos in five different locations in one day, so careful planning was the key to a successful outcome. It was, of course, an advantage for Sabina and me that we already knew our customer because we were on the team that won the Business Espoo challenge at the Dash Hackathon,” says photographer Fanny Haga. It makes me so happy that the network still wanted to collaborate with us a year later.”

You can see the wonderful photos on the Business Espoo website.

Making of Business Espoo´s brand photos

Photographer Fanny Haga shooting Business Espoo brand photos in Keilaniemi in August 2019. Photo: Sabina Friman.

Business Espoo team members with Siddhant Gupta

Business Espoo representatives were very happy with designer Siddhant Gupta’s contribution to the network. From the left: Head of Economic and Business Development Harri Paananen from the City of Espoo, Marketing Manager Katja Mäkelä from Espoo Marketing Oy, Siddhant Gupta, project managers Katja Hagman and Heli Hidén from the City of Espoo and Marketing Manager Sari Mäkisalo from Espoo Marketing Oy and the Business Espoo network.

Further information:

Harri Paananen, Head of Economic Development, City of Espoo, tel. +358 43 826 7701

Sari Mäkisalo, Marketing Manager, tel. +358 43 827 3204

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The Dash Hackathon is organised by the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes), the largest and most developed student entrepreneurship community in Europe. Aaltoes organises various events and programmes to promote entrepreneurship and to help startups launch their ventures. The events and programmes organised by Aaltoes include Kiuas, an early-stage startup incubator, and FallUp, a European entrepreneurship event for students.

A hackathon is a tool for problem-solving, bringing together a group of people to find solutions to a given challenge. The word has its roots in software development, but it is widely used to describe intensive, short-term problem-solving.