Mayor Jukka Mäkelä urges Espoo residents to follow the coronavirus guidelines

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2020-11-05 15:45

Mayor Jukka Mäkelä appeals to Espoo residents to observe the coronavirus guidelines issued by authorities. “The coronavirus spreads easily, and it is therefore important to protect the health of us all. Take care of yourself, your friends and family and everyone around you.”

In Espoo, the incidence of new coronavirus cases has increased since last week. However, contact tracing is working well and the care situation in hospitals is good.

“By preventing the coronavirus from spreading we will also secure services for Espoo residents,” Mäkelä says.  The City of Espoo aims to reach different language groups more effectively, for example through schools and other service channels. The most important official recommendations will be published on the website and in the future also in the Länsiväylä newspaper.

Mäkelä also asks people to skip this year’s Christmas parties and other end-of-year festivities or to celebrate them virtually. “Avoid large gatherings. The coronavirus has spread, for example, at parties, among groups of friends getting together and while spending time in shopping centres.” 

Private events of more than 20 people are not recommended in the capital region. At public events of more than 20 people, everyone must wear a mask and only half of the venue capacity may be used. This applies to both indoor and outdoor events.

“The use of masks is important. Use a mask for example on public transport, in public spaces, public events, indoor sports facilities, upper secondary schools and shops as well as during recreational activities and when visiting different services,” Mäkelä says.

Get tested even if you only have mild symptoms

We all have to take responsibility. Remember to stay at home if you have even the slightest symptoms. Possible symptoms of a coronavirus infection include fever, cough, a sore throat, a runny nose or congestion, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of taste or smell, and diarrhoea or stomach pain without an apparent cause.

If you suspect you may have contracted the coronavirus, you can assess your symptoms on the Omaolo website. The Omaolo service will give you instructions based on your symptoms.

Now everyone who has possible symptoms of a coronavirus infection will get tested.

You can

  • book a test appointment through the Coronabot website at
  • call Espoo’s coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00, Sat–Sun 9:00–15:00). Outside these hours, please call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117.

Further information about the coronavirus:

Coronavirus instructions in different languages: