Vegan meals become available in Espoo’s schools

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2019-01-18 12:30

Espoo-based comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools will start serving vegan meals to pupils and students who sign up for them. Vegan meals will be available by early March at the latest.

Not all schools will cook vegan food daily. If the vegetarian dish of the day is not suitable for vegans, the school will reheat a vegan main dish and side dishes that have already been served earlier. In other words, vegans may be served the same dish several times a week. Oat or soy milk will be available for vegans.

Signing up for the vegan meal option requires no doctor’s or nurse’s certificate, but it is recommended that those who do sign up should see a nutritionist. Referrals to nutritionists are available from school health care.

To sign up for vegan meals, please submit a notification of a special diet. The notification form is available on the City of Espoo’s website. If the pupil or student in question is younger than 18, the form must be signed by a guardian.

Further information

Minna Ahola, Food Service Director, City of Espoo, tel. 050 525 2779,