There are many activities in Espoo during the autumn holiday

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2019-10-14 15:10

There are many activities for children, young people and families in Espoo during the autumn holiday on 12–20 October. Workshops, moves, sports and much more. You can also look for autumn holiday activities in the shared service of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Youth centres

Gräsan taitojen talo  (Youth Handicraft Centre)

Moped workshop for secondary school pupils Mon–Fri 15:00–20:30

Free-of-charge interior design-themed handicraft workshops

Registration via The workshops can be found with the search term “gräsa”.

Järvenperän nuorisotila

  • Wed 16 Oct, 12:00–16:00 cooking and a film for 3rd–6th graders
  • Fri 18 Oct, 16:45–22:45 cooking and a film night for 7th graders–17-year-olds

Leppävaaran nuorisotila

  • Wed 16 Oct, open activities
    • For 3rd–6th graders at 14:00–16:30 
    • For 7th graders–17-year-olds at 17:00–21:00
  • Thu 17 Oct, film day
    • For 3rd–6th graders at 14:00–16:30
    • For 7th graders–17-year-olds at 17:00–21:00
  • Fri 18 Oct
    • Valolla yöhön (with light into the night) event for secondary school pupils at 15:00–18:00. The centre will be open at 17:00–22:00
  • Sat 19 Oct, open activities
    • For 7th graders–17-year-olds at 16:30-22:00

Sello’s Pointti 

Activities every day at 12:00-20:00

  • Thu 17 October, film night
  • Also tournaments during the week, incl. FIFA, pool and labyrinth.

Saunalahden nuorisotila

  • Mon 14–Tue 15 Oct, Joint LAN parties at Soukka Youth Centre for 6th–9th graders.
    • Registrations at the Soukka Youth Centre tel. 046 877 1708 or Saunalahti Youth Centre tel. 043 324 9353.
  • Wed 16–Fri 18 Oct, youth centre open

Soukan nuorisotila

  • Mon 14–Tue 15 Oct, LAN parties for 6th–9th graders
  • Wed 16–Fri 18 Oct, Autumn holiday camp at the Kattilaniemi Camp Centre for 6th–9th graders

Registrations at the Soukka Youth Centre tel. 046 877 1708.

Suvelan nuorisotila

  • Tue 15–Thu 17 Oct
    • For 3rd–6th graders at 14:15–16:15
    • For 7th graders–17-year-olds at 17:00–21:00
  • Fri 18 Oct For 7th graders–17-year-olds at 17:00-22:00
  • The night between Fri 18–Sat 19 Oct, all night long for 7th graders–17-year-olds 


Entresse Library

Many fun activities for children and young people from Monday to Friday. The programme to be specified later will be available at the Entresse website (in Finnish): Autumn holiday activities for children and young people.


Hop on Hop off sports

Free-of-charge and fun autumn holiday sports in Keski-Espoo Sports Park at the EBK-Honka Arena. Address: Kylävainiontie 20, Espoon keskus. More detailed programme for the week will be published later.

  • Mon 14–Wed 16 Oct and Fri 18 Oct at 10:00–15:00
  • Thu 17 Oct at 16:00–21:00

Swimming halls

School children under 18 years can access indoor swimming pools in Espoo free of charge during autumn holiday from Monday to Friday. 

Leppävaara Swimming Hall

  • Mon 14 Oct
    • 14:00–16:00 mermaid swimming 
    • 17:00–19:00 Vesitöpinät water event in the teaching pool 
  •  Thu 17–Fri 18 Oct
    • 10:00–15:00 Great fun on the Wibit obstacle course awaits swimmers

Espoonlahti Swimming Hall

  • Mon 14–Tue 15 Oct
    • 10:00–15:00 Great fun on the Wibit obstacle course awaits swimmers
  • Wed 16 Oct
    • 14:00–16:00 mermaid swimming
    • 17:00–19:00 Vesitöpinät water event in the teaching pool

There is a limited number of mermaid tails to borrow. Guided lessons every 30 minutes at 14:00, 14:30, 15:00 and 15:30. The tail enables exploring the underwater world, involving diving and many fun activities varying from flips to twirl swimming and bubble kisses. Mermaid swimming participants must be able to swim at least 50 m on the stomach and be confident divers. The minimum age is 7 years.

Public skating times

Extra slots in Espoonlahti:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:00-13:00. 


Glims Farmstead Museum, Espoo City Museum

Workshops with different themes, all workshops at 13:00–15:00

  • Sun 13 Oct We card wool
  • Tue 15 Oct Clothes for paper dolls
  • Wed 16 Oct Weaving Wednesday
  • Thu 17 Oct We make a thaumatrope
  • Fri 18 Oct Waffle cloth embroidery
  • Sun 20 Oct We fold paper boxes from recycled materials

Exhibition Centre WeeGee

EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

  • Sat 12 Oct at 12:30–13:15 Guided art tour for the whole family
    • This activity-based guided tour is all about experiencing and exploring art together.
  • Tue 15–Fri 18 Oct at 13:00–15:00 Art holiday  
    • The autumn school holidays are the perfect time to visit EMMA, whether alone or with friends or family. A varied line-up of events is in store for every day of the week. Choose your favourite day or come every day. Workshops and materials are included in the price of admission to the museum.
    • The programme details will be published when registration begins on 24 September at 
  • Sat 19 Oct at 13:00–14:30 Creative drawing in an art-inspiring environment
    • We will draw ourselves by stepping back, measuring and observing our body in relation to the space around us. Instructor: Art educator Tero Hytönen.

KAMU – Espoo City Museum

The mystery of Espoonlahti – a self-guided tour full of activities for the whole family at the Eyes on the Horizon exhibition 

  • Tue 15–Sat 19 Oct
  • Tue at 11:00–17:00, Wed, Thu, Fri at 11:00–19:00, Sat at 12:00–14:00

C the Sea – sea-themed exhibition created by young people 

  • Tue, Sat, Sun at 11:00–17:00, Wed, Thu, Fri at 11:00–19:00  

Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä

  • Sat 12–Sun 20 Oct The Great Mole Hunt (non-stop)
    • The mole that became famous during the construction of the Helsinki metro in the 1970s will take over the Toy Museum during the autumn break week. The moles have disappeared into the museum’s special exhibition Vehicle Play. Can you find all the cute moles at the Toy Museum? All participants will receive a little surprise!
  • Sat 12 Oct Shine in the Dark! – a reflector event at 12:00–16:00
    • The Toy Museum kicks off the autumn break with a reflector day. Together with the Finnish Road Safety Council, the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä will organise a reflector day for the whole family, offering many kinds of activities from a reflector workshop to a flashlight/torch test.
  • Sun 13 October Toy Stories guided tour at 15:00
    • The guided tour explores the oldest toys of the permanent exhibition I Spy... a Whole Load of Toys and tells some of their stories. What will the 90-year-old Anna-Liisa doll and the 100-year-old station teddy bear tell you? The guided tour starts at the museum door and is included in the in the admission fee.
  • Tue 15 Oct Opening of the 80s Kids pop-up mini exhibition at 11:00
    • The Toy Museum’s pop-up exhibition, 80s Kids, is dedicated to the wonderfully terrible 1980s. Dive into the fascinating world of pastel-coloured ponies, crimped hair and cassette tapes! On the opening morning, you will also get to enjoy Anne’s morning exercise and coffee with a popular 80s treat.
  • Tue 15–Fri 18 Oct Museum Path guided tour at 14:3
    • The Museum Path tour offers children a playful mystery during the autumn break. The museum’s collections are explored with the help of mystery cards. Finally, you will get to do some crafts and test your creations.
  • Fri 18 Oct Fairy Tale Day at 11:00–18:00
    • The Toy Museum celebrates the national Fairy Tale Day by offering various fairy tale-related activities together with the association of the museum’s friends. The museum’s workshop will turn into a nest of fairy tales where you can read and listen to fairy tales, take part in story crafting as well as draw and colour fairy tale characters. Fairy tale-themed snacks will also be served.
  • Sat 19 Oct Children’s Aircraft Day at 12:00–16:00
    • The Toy Museum, together with the Finnish Aviation Museum and the association of the Toy Museum’s friends, will organise Children's Aircraft Day for children aged 8 to 12. During the day, the participants get to explore the wonderful world of aviation at the two museums and make their own EKA model glider.
    • Registration: or 050 590 0137. Fee: €28 per child (includes insurance, supplies, instructions, admission to museums, travel tickets and a snack).
  • Sat 19 Oct Children's Creative Saturday at 13:00–15:00
    • Let your imagination run wild! The Toy Museum provides recycled materials for children and their parents to do arts and crafts together. The workshop is included in the admission fee.
  • Sun 20 October Hop in. It’s time for Vehicle Play guided tour at 15:00
    • Take a journey into the interesting world of traffic together with a traffic controller. The guide will take you to the Vehicle Play special exhibition where you will get to explore travel and vehicles on land, at sea and in the air as well as traffic safety from a child’s perspective. The guided tour starts at the museum door and is included in the in the admission fee.

Sello Hall

  • Tue 15 Oct Autumn holiday films:
    • 9:00 Onneli ja Anneli ja nukutuskello (Onneli, Anneli and the Go-to-Sleep Clock, suitable for all ages), free admission
    • 11:00 Räyhä-Ralf valloittaa internetin (Ralph Breaks the Internet, age limit 7+), free admission
    • 13:30 Afternoon film: Juice (age limit 7+), free admission


  • Fri 18 Oct Autumn holiday films
    • 10:00  Viiru ja Pesonen - Viiru muuttaa (Pettson and Findus - Findus Moves Out, suitable for all ages), free admission. Group bookings 
    • 14:00 Valkohammas (White Fang, age limit 7+), free admission. Group bookings

Children’s Art House Aurora

Throughout the autumn holiday, Aurora will host a boisterous cleaning hullabaloo. Grab a feather duster and get to work!

The cleaning hullabaloo involves crafting colourful cleaning tools and adventuring in the play area, which has been transformed into a cleaning cupboard! The cleaning cupboard is in total disarray and the things are everywhere. Come and clean and make a mess with the whole family! Guided by Hupsansaa ry. Free admission.

Monday–Friday hullabaloo at 10:00–13:00

  • Mon 14 Oct Sponge life
    • Where do sponges live? Colourful sponges are transformed into funny animals that adventure around Aurora.
  • Tue 15 Oct Vacuum cleaners in the air!
    • Where’s the buzz? Crafting hilarious and soft vacuum cleaner wands.
  • Wed 16 Oct Flying dust!
    • Can you see how dust flies? Making briskly flying dust balls!
  • Thu 17 Oct Dirty dishes ahoy!
    • What will your dishcloth look like? Come and customise a dishcloth to hop around the sink.
  • Fri 18 Oct Wave those feather dusters!
    • How does a feather duster work? Making playful feather dusters.
  • Sat 19 Oct at 10:00–14:00
    • Bring your own cuddly toy to the Toy Hospital! Come and make doctors’ colourful stethoscopes.
    • The Hilarious Work Day! workshops will immerse you in the hilarious world of different professions through play. Includes the crafts workshop and themed play area.

Workshops guided by Hupsansaa ry. Free admission.

Nature House Villa Elfvik

Unforgettable forest camp school for 1st–4th graders

Mon 14–Fri 18 Oct at 9:00–16:00

Open playgrounds with staff

The residents’ parks offer activities to children and adults in guided and self-guided groups indoors and outdoors. Children under school age must attend the activities together with a parent or another adult responsible for them.

Residents’ parks can be found in Espoon keskus, Espoonlahti, Leppävaara, the Matinkylä-Olari area and Tapiola.