The transport companies of Transport Services have been selected

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2020-12-18 13:26

The transport companies participating in Western Uusimaa Transport Services have been selected, and the procurement decision was published on 27 November 2020. The selected transport companies operate individual transports at Transport Services in accordance with the Disability Services Act and Social Welfare Act.

47 daytime vehicles and 625 contract vehicles were selected for Transport Services. All daytime vehicles are accessible and are only used for Transport Services’ transports on weekdays at 6:00–21:00. The contract vehicles drive transports that the daytime vehicles do not have time to drive, as well as transports during weekends and public holidays and at night. The contract vehicles include both accessible vehicles and passenger cars.

Companies that met the quality requirements set for matters such as language skills, training and equipment were selected as service providers. The transport companies participating in Transport Services are indicated in the procurement decision.

Transport Services will start in February

Transport Services will start in Espoo on Tuesday, 2 February 2021. The other municipalities in Western Uusimaa will join Transport Services in mid-March. Before the start, information sessions will be arranged for both clients and drivers. Clients of the current transport service will receive written instructions on using the service, the date and time of the information sessions and the exact date when their transports will be transferred to Transport Services. Each client will remain under the current transport service until the new service starts at Transport Services.

Safe service for the elderly and the disabled

Western Uusimaa Transport Services provides smooth and safe transport service for elderly people and people with disabilities around the clock every day of the year. Service is provided to clients in Finnish, Swedish and English. In addition, the driver assists the client in getting in and out of the vehicle during transport and at intermediate stops.  

The transport services are intended to replace public transport for those who are unable to use it for one reason or another. The organisation of the service complies with the legislation in force and the operational guidelines approved by the client’s home municipality.

Additional information:

Logistics Director Kari Sirviö,
Transport Manager Kari Vilppula,